Mint Hill

Lee Bailey

Deputy Town Manager

Contact Details:
Lee Bailey
4430 Mint Hill Village Lane
Mint Hill, NC 28227
Phone: (704) 545-9726
Fax: (704) 545-0802

Lee was hired as Deputy Town Manager in 2007.

As Deputy Town Manager, Lee manages the Planning and Community Development functions and Parks and Recreation programs for the Town. In addition, he manages all aspects of Information Technology, including oversight of all technology vendors as well as selection and procurement of all hardware and software assets.

Lee has a B.A. in Political Science from Winthrop University and a Masters of City and Regional Planning from Clemson University.

Lee is a deacon at his church and volunteers as a Merit Badge Counselor and Eagle Scout Project Coach with the Boy Scouts in the Palmetto Council.

He and his wife, Sarah and son, Adam live in Lancaster, SC.

Tags: Deputy Town Manager Administrative Deputy Town Manager Economic Development IT Director

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Deputy Town Manager: Lee Bailey
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