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Mecklenburg County Projects

These are projects funded by, planned, designed, and constructed by Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation. Unless otherwise noted, the Town of Mint Hill is not funding any of these projects. Town staff is coordinating with the County on each project to ensure the needs of the Town are addressed.

Please visit the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation website or call 980-314-1000 for more information on these projects.


Project Summary

The Ezell Farm Community Park an active planning project.  Sometime in Fall of 2019 or Winter 2020, the county will hold public input meetings and build a park similar to other county regional parks.

Latest News and Updates

Mecklenburg County will hold a public input meeting for the Ezell Farm Community Park at Mint Hill Town Hall on Thursday February 20, 2020 from 6pm to 8pm. Residents who would like to give input on the facilities and programming of this park should make plans to attend this meeting and tell the County staff and consultant your thoughts. This information will directly influence the design of the park.


Project Summary

The Stevens Creek Nature Preserve will be a passive recreation feature that highlights the natural beauty of undeveloped land in the county.  The park will serve southeast Mecklenburg County, and the Towns of Mint Hill and Matthews.

Stevens Creek NP, click image for more information

The project includes a nature learning facility with displays and classrooms for learning about the County's unique environments, outdoor learning spaces, walking trails and a parking lot

Latest News and Updates

This project has begun construction as of spring 2018.  The project is working in conjunction with two other entities:  Mecklenburg County Stormwater Services for a stream restoration project; and Charlotte Water for a regional sewer upgrade.

For updates on this project, please contact the Mecklenburg County project manager, Alicia Rocco at 980-314-2501.


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