Mint Hill

Citizens with Disabilities

The Mint Hill Police Departments protects and serves all citizens of Mint Hill. We would like to offer the following information for any Mint Hill citizen(s) with disabilities can be found at the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.

NC Division of Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
5501 Executive Center Drive, Suite 200
Charlotte, NC 28212
(800) 835-5302
NC Division of Services for the Blind
5855 Executive Center Drive, Suite 100
Charlotte, NC 28212-8843
(704) 563-4168 Voice/TTY
(704) 563-4114 FAX
(800) 422-1895
MeckLINK Behavioral Healthcare
429 Billingsley Road
Charlotte, NC 28211-1098
(704) 336-2023 Phone
(704) 336-4383 Fax
24-Hour Access/Crisis Number: (877) 700-3001

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the police check my house while I am on vacation?

The Town of Mint Hill would like to advise our citizens requesting to keep check of their property understands that this agreement from the dates indicated below does not constitute a promise by the Mint Hill Police Department that no criminal action will occur or that no damage or injury will occur to the property that is being checked by this department. The officers with this department will make an effort in checking your property while you are away during officer"s patrols of neighborhoods as well as our businesses, but we are not able to set a regular schedule check of the property. We encourage the citizens to partner with the officers of the Mint Hill Police Department to take extra measures in safeguarding their property.

Call the police department at 704-545-1085 for more information.

How do I contact the police if it's not an emergency?

The Mint Hill Police Department office operates Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. During those hours you may contact (704) 545-1085 with any report requests or general inquiries. If you need police assistance and it's not an emergency, you can contact our dispatch directly at (704) 889-2231.

How do I register my home alarm?

You can obtain a form from the Police Department.  Call 704-545-1085 for more information.

How do I obtain a copy of a crash report?

You can obtain a copy of a crash report from the Mint Hill Police Department Report Database. You must have the report number or the Victim's/Driver's name in order to retrieve it. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for reports to be processed.

How do I get finger printed at the Mint Hill Police Department?

The Mint Hill Police Department offers fingerprinting Tuesday and Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 pm. by appointment only. Contact the Mint Hill Police Department at (704) 545-1085 to schedule an appointment. The fees vary depending on whether or not you are a town resident.

How do I register for emergency notifications?

Register today for the CharMeck Alerts Notification System. Receive accurate and timely notifications of the information you want and need to know—straight from your local leaders. You can receive up-to-the-minute notifications about events and emergencies that may affect your home, workplace, or other points of interest—anywhere in Mecklenburg County.

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