Mint Hill

Planning Department

The Planning Department performs the following services:

  • Oversight of downtown revitalization

  • Processing land use and development plans, including

    • Commercial developments

    • Subdivisions

    • Rezoning

  • Providing long range planning for the Town

Quarterly Developer's Workshop

The Developer’s Workshop is an opportunity to share a development proposal with the Board of Commissioners before going through the expense of the design and engineering process. Anyone is welcome to bring their idea before the Board. However, the workshops are primarily intended as a platform to solicit feedback from the Board of Commissioners regarding development proposals that may deviate from the Land Use Plan or for projects that depend on exceptions to the code. 

What You Need to Know

The first month of each quarter is open to three applicants. The workshop is held the night of the regularly scheduled Board of Commissioners meeting for that month.

  Q1 January

  Q2 April

  Q3 July

  Q4 October

The meeting location is Town Hall (4430 Mint Hill Village Lane). Each applicant is provided twenty minutes, generally divided into a presentation and Q & A. Technology is available for your presentations (i.e. projector, laptop) if you choose to present. There are no applications, fees or submittal requirements. 

How to Sign Up

Email your request to the Town Clerk with a brief one or two sentence description of what you plan to discuss. *Please make sure you discuss the proposal with Planning Staff before signing up.

Note: The deadline is three (3) weeks before the scheduled workshop. Signing up does not automatically place you on the agenda. You must receive confirmation from the Town Clerk.


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