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Mint Hill Police Dept. Joins Nextdoor

Feb 1st, 2015

The Mint Hill Police department will be utilizing Nextdoor to facilitate virtual neighborhood watches and foster neighbor-to-neighbor communications.  Nextdoor is a tool to effectively share information on crime prevention, safety, public events and emergency notifications.  You can expect to receive local crime and safety updates from the Mint Hill Police department on Nextdoor.

Please be assured that your website remains private.  Mint Hill staff will NOT be able to see any of the content on your neighborhood website except for the direct replies to our posts.

Note that Nextdoor is not the appropriate way to request emergency services, police services, report criminal or suspicious activity, file a report, etc.  If you require emergency services, please call 911.

We look forward to connecting with you on Nextdoor to build stronger, safer neighborhoods throughout Mint Hill.

Join the free private social network for your neighborhood today.


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