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Dec 09
Outdoor Burning Ban

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Mecklenburg County Fire Marshal's Office has lifted the ban on all outdoor burning including, recreational fires.

The much needed rain over the weekend and into this morning has helped to reduce the fire danger.  However, the Fire Marshall urges residents to take extra care when doing ANY type of open burning.

As a reminder, Mecklenburg County requires approval and permitting for any open burning, with exception of cooking and/or recreational fires.

The Mecklenburg County Fire Marshal's Office would like to offer the following safety tips to prevent a woodlands fire:

Fire officials ask that the public be vigilant in following these rules and to use good common sense when enjoying the outdoors. Avoid grilling on or near wooden decks, grass or pine straw. Keep water handy in case of fire. Dispose of smoking materials properly. Avoid parking vehicles in dry grass when the hot pollution control equipment could come into contact with dry vegetation. An adult should always be present during open burning and grilling and children and pets should be kept a safe distance away. Use spark arresters for chimneys to prevent ashes from going up the flue into the neighborhood and starting fires. Never use gasoline, kerosene or any other flammable liquid to start a fire because the risk of personal injury is high.

Have Fire Control Tools on Hand

Have fire extinguishment material on hand at all times, such as a water hose, water supply, shovels and rakes. Check water supply before igniting the fire. Be very cautious if you attempt to control a brush fire yourself. Wildfires move very rapidly and can severely burn you. When camping, extinguish all fires and embers before nightfall or leaving area.

Watch the Wind

Be prepared to extinguish all open burning if the wind picks up or weather changes. Use common sense in dry and windy weather. Sudden wind change is how most open burning gets out of control.

Don't Wait to Call for Help

If the fire should get out of control, call 911 immediately. If you or your family is in danger evacuate the area immediately

The Mecklenburg Co. Fire Marshal's Office wants you to enjoy the outdoors without worry of the dangers associated with woodland fires.

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