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What is the definition of a deck as it pertains to permitting?

Last Updated: July 25, 2017
The definition of Deck, found in Section 2.4 of the Mint Hill Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) is "A structure without a roof, either freestanding or attached to a building, which is supported by posts or pillars."
What if my proposed deck encroaches into the setback?
In Section 6.1.7 of the UDO, there are certain items that are allowed to project into the required setbacks, including decks. Any deck not more than 6 feet above the finished grade level shall not project more than 25% into any required setback.
Deck Enclosures
A deck enclosure would include roofing and screening the sides of an area on a deck to protect that area from outside wind and rain.
Can I encroach into the setback with my deck enclosure, too?
No. Encroachment of a deck enclosure into the setback is not allowed. If a deck does encroach into the setback, only the portion that does not encroach would be permitted to be enclosed.
Permitting - Who may be involved in the permitting process?
The Mint Hill Planning Department can answer questions, although all permitting actions will be completed by Mecklenburg County officials.

Contact Mecklenburg County
Land Use and Environmental Services (LUESA)
2145 Suttle Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28208 

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