Mint Hill

Proposed Athletic Park

The Town is currently planning and designing a new Athletic Park which will be located across the street from the existing Mint Hill Athletic Association on Brief Road. A consultant (Wirth & Associates) has been contracted by the Town to provide master planning and development of construction plans. A separate consultant (Edifice, Inc.) has been selected to build the Park using the Construction Manager at Risk ("CM at Risk" or "CMR") method. The intent of this park is to provide as much active field space for sports to alleviate some of the growing demand for sports fields in our Town. The project will also include all supporting infrastructure for this type of a park, such as: parking, restrooms, concession stand, picnic space, a playground, and a walking path.

Park Site Sign(project sign at the proposed location on Brief Road, across from MHAA)

 The park is proposed to include the following amenities:

  • Two natural turf multi-sport fields (120 yards x 75 yards, equivalent to a full-size soccer field)
  • One synthetic turf multi-sport field (120 yards x 75 yards) with lighting
  • A full-size baseball field with lighting (approx. 400' to centerfield) and accompanying 750 seat stadium (including seating, concessions, bathrooms, and picnic shelters)
  • A playground
  • A walking path (approximately ¾ mile in length)
  • Open passive recreation space
  • Approximately 300 parking spaces

Baseball Stadium Render(architect's rending of the baseball stadium plaza entrance)

Details of how the facilities will be programmed and/or rented out are not yet available.

Additionally, the project will include improvements to Brief Road (such as turn lanes and a pedestrian crosswalk) to improve the safety of what can be a busy area between the privately-owned Mint Hill Athletic Association and this new Park.

The Park will likely open in a phased manner since natural turf fields are a part of the site and they need time to establish a strong and healthy root system. The amenities that don't require a "growing in" will open as soon as construction is complete. This includes the synthetic turf multi-sport field, the playground, the walking trail, the parking lot, and the bathrooms and concessions facilities.

Proposed Master Plan Oct 2016

(proposed Athletic Park Master Plan - note: exact location/layout of features is subject to change during final design)

Update 3/6/18: The project was advertised for bids in August of 2017. Due to the booming construction market, the total bid price was significantly higher than anticipated. Staff paused the project in order to discuss funding options with the Board at their spring 2018 planning retreat.

At their spring 2018 planning retreat, the Board of Commissioners directed staff to investigate the issuance of a General Obligation Bond to finance the park's construction. More information will be made available once the Board has given staff further direction.

Please continue to refer to this website or call Town Hall for more information regarding the proposed Athletic Park.

The park is anticipated to take approximately 10 months to construct, with the natural turf areas taking an additional full growing season to open for play. Any artificial turf areas and hard surface (such as the parking lot, playground, sidewalks/trails, bathrooms, etc.) will be open immediately upon completion.