Mint Hill

Active Projects

Below is a list of all active Town projects or other significant public projects within the Town limits that we may have information about. Large-scale and/or long-term Town projects are typically managed by the Town Engineer and inspected by Public Works staff. For questions or comments regarding any of these projects, please contact the Town Engineer, Steve Frey, PE at 704-545-9726.


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The Town is actively expanding its sidewalk network based on recommendations in the 2011 Pedestrian Master Plan. The first batch of sidewalks were constructed in phases from 2013 to 2016. The next batch of sidewalks have been designed and have begun construction in June of 2017. The next general locations for sidewalk are:

2017 Sidewalks Map

Click HERE to download a larger PDF of the above map.

Other locations will be constructed in the future based on direction from the Board of Commissioners, the 2011 Pedestrian Master Plan, and available funding.

UPDATE 3/7/18: The most recent sidewalk project has been completed as of March 1, 2018. This completed a major segment along NC51 (Matthews-Mint Hill Road), which now allows pedestrian travel from NC218 (Wilgrove-Mint Hill Road)  to Idlewild Road. This segment includes a new signalized crosswalk at the intersection of NC51 and Lebanon Road. In addition to this major segment, several "gap filling" segments were constructed along NC218 (near Large Oak Lane), Lawyers Road (from NC51 to Brighton Park Drive), and along the southern side of NC51 (from Hawthorne Drive to Phyliss Lane).

The Board of Commissioners directed staff to continue building the portions of sidewalk that were above the last project's budget. This includes a segment in Idlewild Road from Jared Court to Morningstar Baptist Church, and a segment on Wilson Grove Road between Kuck Road and Heathergate Lane. Two crosswalk projects will also be included: one at Truelight Church Road and Lawyers Road, and another at the Lawyers/Lebanon/Wilson Grove Road intersection. Staff will perform an in-house design of these locations and bid the work out to a contractor for construction. A schedule is not yet available--that information will be posted to this web page when it becomes available.


NCDOT projects within the Town limits are presented here for informational purposes only and are subject to change without notice on this site. NCDOT regularly coordinates with the Town, but NCDOT ultimately retains all financial and project decision-making authority for their projects.


Please contact the NCDOT Division 10 office at 704-983-4400 for more information regarding these projects.

NC51 (Matthews-Mint Hill Road) and Idlewild Road Roundabout (NCDOT Project U-5115)

The intersection of NC51 (Matthews-Mint Hill Road) and Idlewild Road will be transformed from a signalized 4-way intersection to a two-lane roundabout. This project is designed and ready to build. Utility relocation is slated to begin this winter 2016-17 and the roadwork will follow in June 2017 (in order to not conflict with school traffic). The intersection will be closed to vehicular traffic during construction for approximately 8 weeks. Detour information and exact closure dates will be posted here as soon as that information is known.

When completed, the roundabout will significantly improve traffic flow through the intersection by eliminating many points of conflict between opposing traffic directions and reducing wait times (as compared to a traffic signal red light time).

To view the Town's "How to Navigate a Roundabout" webpage, click here.

NCDOT has prepared an informative brochure about how roundabouts work and how to navigate them as a driver. A digital version can be viewed by clicking here. Hardcopy printed versions can be obtained by visiting Mint Hill Town Hall and requesting a brochure.

UPDATE 9/5/17: This project was opened to traffic on August 26, 2017. The contractor will continue finish work that is not expected to hinder traffic operations in the roundabout.

For any questions or comments regarding this project, please contact the NCDOT Division 10 office at 704-983-4400.


Lawyers Road and Bain School Road Roundabout (NCDOT Project W-5210K)

The intersection of Bain School Road and Lawyers Road will be transformed into a multi-lane roundabout to eliminate a high-hazard intersection (as classified by NCDOT). This project is designed and ready for construction. Construction is anticipated to begin in winter 2016-17. Traffic is expected to be maintained through the construction zone, however, motorists should expect some delays (i.e. one-way traffic lane closures). The intersection of Thompson Road and Lawyers Road will experience a closure for approximately 4 weeks to re-grade the intersection. Detour information will be posted here when that information becomes available.

UPDATE 3/7/18: NCDOT reports the project will be "let" (construction contract awarded) in late April 2018.

Lawyers Road (from NC51 to I-485) is currently being repaired and resurfaced. This IS NOT part of the roundabout project. The roundabout work area is being left out of the resurfacing work as to not waste resources.

While the intersection of Bain School Road and Lawyers Road will remain open to through traffic during construction of the roundabout, the nearby intersection of Lawyers Road and Thompson Road will close to traffic for approximately 4-6 weeks to allow re-grading of the roadway. A detailed schedule of when this will occur is not yet available. More information will be released by NCDOT and posted to this web page when available.

For any questions or comments regarding this project, please contact the NCDOT Division 10 office at 704-983-4400.

Lawyers Road Widening (I-485 to Bain School Road)

The development of the adjacent mall property (known as the "Bridges at Mint Hill") is leading this project to widen Lawyers Road from the intersection of Bain School Road to the I-485 overpass. The existing two-lane road will be widened to a four-lane divided highway. Traffic is expected to be maintained through this area during construction, however, motorists should anticipate delays. Construction information is not yet known. Note: this is not an NCDOT project. The developer of the adjacent property is performing this work in coordination with NCDOT.

Update 3/8/18: This project is contingent upon the adjacent property developing. There is no official update from NCDOT, and the Town does not have any update from the developer of the adjacent site.

NC51 (Matthews-Mint Hill Road) Widening (NCDOT Project U-5007)

This project is currently planned to begin planning and design in 2019, right-of-way acquisition in 2021, and construction in 2023. The project will involve widening NC51 (Matthews-Mint Hill Road) from a two-lane highway to four lanes between Idlewild Road and Lawyers Road.

Note: the new roundabout at NC51 and Idlewild Road is sized and positioned in such a manner to connect with the future widening of NC51.

Update 9/5/17: NCDOT has begun the planning phase of this project with their consultant. Town officials will be involved throughout the duration of this project to ensure the needs of our residents are met, as well as any known issues are addressed to the extent possible. NCDOT will conduct public input meetings in the near future to gather input and feedback from the community. Meetings will be advertised on the Town's website when the info is known.

For any questions or comments regarding this project, please contact the NCDOT Division 10 office at 704-983-4400.


Idlewild Road Widening (I-485 to Stevens Mill Road) (NCDOT Project U-4913)

This is a state project (NCDOT) and is slated as a horizon year 2025 project on the CRTPO website. Please refer to the CRTPO website for more info:  

Update 3/7/18: NCDOT is beginning planning for this project. Mint Hill and Matthews town staff will be involved in the planning and design of the project as it impacts our residents and may extend slightly into our town limits.

For any questions or comments regarding this project, please contact the NCDOT Division 10 office at 704-983-4400.