Mint Hill

Active Projects

Information about all Town projects can be found below as well as information for other public projects (such as NCDOT and Charlotte Water) is also provided. For more information about non-Town projects, please contact the entity listed.

Land development (residential and commercial) projects are not listed here. Information on those types of projects can be found in the Planning Department's pages.


For questions about these projects, contact Town Engineer and Director of Public Works, Steve Frey, PE at 704-545-9726.


Proposed Brief Road Athletic Park
Proposed park layout--click the image for a larger version.

Project Summary

A new 28-acre athletic facility located at 9801 Brief Road (across the street from the existing privately-operated Mint Hill Athletic Association), featuring several multi-purpose athletic fields (at least one synthetic turf and lighted field), a playground, restroom and concession facilities, a walking trail, and other features.

Additionally, the project will include improvements to Brief Road (such as turn lanes and a pedestrian crosswalk) to improve the safety of what can be a busy area between the Mint Hill Athletic Association and this new park.

The Park will likely open in a phased manner since natural turf fields are a part of the site and they need time to establish a strong and healthy root system. The amenities that don't require a "growing in" will open as soon as construction is complete. This includes the synthetic turf multi-sport field, the playground, the walking trail, the parking lot, and the bathrooms and concessions facilities.

Details of how the facilities will be programmed and/or rented out are not yet available.

Latest News and Updates

June 2018: The park was designed, permitted, and prepared for bid during 2017. Bids prices received in August of 2017 were higher than anticipated due to the booming construction economy. Staff paused the project in order to discuss funding options with the Board.

At their spring 2018 planning retreat, the Board of Commissioners directed staff to investigate the issuance of a General Obligation Bond to finance the park's construction. More information will be made available soon about the proposed Bond.

Project Summary

The Town is actively extending its pedestrian network of sidewalks based on the 2011 Pedestrian Master Plan. At the direction of the Board of Commissioners, staff has been adding new sidewalks to the Town in batches or segments for many years. New segments are ultimately selected by the Board and staff administers the project from survey, through design and permitting, and finally bidding and construction. Funding for these projects typically comes from a variety of sources including Federal matching grants, State grants, and capital funding from the Town's annual budget.

Latest News and Updates

June 2018: The Board directed staff to construct new sidewalk at the following locations during their spring 2018 planning retreat:

  • Wilson Grove Road: install sidewalk between Kuck Road and Heathergate Lane (south side of the road)
  • Lawyers Road and Lebanon Road/Wilson Grove Road: install ramps and crosswalks at the intersection to allow for safe and regulated pedestrian crossing through the intersection.

This project will begin construction in July of 2018 and last approximately three months.

New sidewalk projects will be identified at a later date, as directed by the Board of Commissioners.


These are known NCDOT projects within, near, or otherwise affecting Mint Hill. This list may not be comprehensive, nor include the most recent information. Details will be updated as the Town receives new info from NCDOT.

Unless otherwise noted, these projects are 100% funded, planned, design, and constructed by NCDOT, not the Town of Mint Hill.

For questions or comments about these projects, please contact the NCDOT Division 10 office at 704-983-4400.

Bain School Road and Lawyers Road Roundabout
NCDOT Project W-5210K
Project Summary
This project will reconfigure the existing oblique intersection of Bain School Road and Lawyers Road into a roundabout. The purpose of the project is to mitigate the high hazard of vehicle wrecks at the intersection. The nearby intersection of Thompson Road and Lawyers Road will not be included in the roundabout, but the project will do some work to this area for grading purposes.

The reconfiguration into a roundabout will occur in two phases:

The first phase will be the conversion of the existing intersection into a roundabout with the same directions of travel and road alignments.

Lawyers-Bain RAB P1
Lawyers & Bain School RAB Phase 1 (click image for larger)

Lawyers-Bain School Travel P1
Lawyers & Bain School RAB Travel Options Phase 1 (click image for larger)

The second phase will add an additional direction of travel to the adjacent property slated for future development (the site formerly known as the "mall site") and a bypass lane for vehicles traveling toward I-485 on Lawyers Road.

Lawyers Bain School Full Build Plan
Lawyers & Bain School RAB Phase 2 (click image for larger)

Latest News and Updates

This project has begun construction as of June 2018. The anticipated completion date is October 31, 2018. Traffic will remain open through the work zone with the use of lane closures and flaggers for the majority of the project (i.e. it will not close completely to traffic). The following limited closures are scheduled to occur during the construction. Sign boards will be in place to notify drivers of the exact dates:

UPDATE JULY 18, 2018:

Thompson Road will close to ALL TRAFFIC at the intersection of Lawyers Road (Lawyers Road will remain OPEN) beginning on July 23, 2018 and lasting approximately 3 weeks. It is anticipated to re-open by the end of the day August 12, 2018, barring any weather delays.

NC51 (Matthews-Mint Hill Road) and Idlewild Road Roundabout

NCDOT Project U-5115
Project Summary

This project was completed in August of 2017 and included the reconfiguration of the existing four-way signal controlled intersection to a roundabout. The purpose of the project was to alleviate congestion caused by the traffic signal, and to accommodate the eventual widening of NC51 to four lanes.

Latest News and Updates

The Town is working with Duke Energy to have this intersection illuminated with street lighting. The lighting project is managed by Duke Energy who reports that the work is in permitting with NCDOT. Staff is working with Duke Energy to have the lights installed as soon as possible to help drivers navigate the roundabout at night.

The Town of Mint Hill is partnering with the Town of Matthews to construct an entrance sign inside of the roundabout for both towns. The sign will welcome drivers to both Mint Hill and Matthews (depending on direction of travel on NC51) with a small wall structure that is decorated with lettering, landscaping, and lighting. The project is currently in the design phase. A construction schedule is not yet available.

This sign is a joint project between the Towns of Mint Hill and Matthews. For information about the street lighting or entrance sign, please contact Steve Frey, PE at 704-545-9726.

Elevation rendering; click image for larger

Lawyers Road Widening (I-485 to Bain School Road)
Project Summary

The development of the adjacent mall property (known as the "Bridges at Mint Hill") is leading this project to widen Lawyers Road from the intersection of Bain School Road to the I-485 overpass. The existing two-lane road will be widened to a four-lane divided highway. Construction information is not yet known.

Note: this is not an NCDOT project. The developer of the adjacent property is performing this work in coordination with NCDOT.

Latest News and Updates

This project is not anticipated to begin construction until there is movement with the adjacent development site (the "mall" property). Neither the Town nor NCDOT has any other news regarding the development or this roadway project.

NC51 (Matthews-Mint Hill Road) Widening
NCDOT Project U-5007
Project Summary

This is a State Transportation Improvement Project (STIP) which will widen NC51 (Matthews-Mint Hill Road) from two lanes to four lanes. It will include adding a median down the center of the road (with cut-throughs at intersections and other key locations) and potential multi-use path along the southern side of the road.

The extent of the project will be from the intersection of NC51 and Lawyers Road southward to the intersection of NC51 and Matthews Township Parkway. The previously constructed roundabout at Idlewild Road and NC51 was designed and built to accommodate the four lane widening of NC51.

U-5007 Summary
U-5007 corridor (click image for larger)

Latest News and Updates

NCDOT's consultant engineering firm, KCI, has begun preliminary planning work for this project. Surveying is anticipated to take place throughout 2018, followed by final planning and preliminary design.

Right-of-way acquisition is scheduled for 2021 through 2022, and construction is anticipated to begin in 2023.

This project is 100% funded, designed, and managed by NCDOT. However, staff from the Town of Mint Hill and the Town of Matthews are working closely with NCDOT to ensure our Towns' interests are addressed in this critical project.

NCDOT will hold public meetings for this project in the future. When those meetings are scheduled, the information will be posted here.

Idlewild Road Widening (I-485 to Stevens Mill Road)
NCDOT Project U-4913
Project Summary

This project will widen Idlewild Road from Stallings Road, across I-485, to Stevens Mill Road. The current proposed plan from NCDOT is to install a roundabout at the intersection of Stallings Road and Idlewild Road, convert the I-485 interchange to a diverging diamond interchange, and constructing a "superstreet" along Idlewild road from 485 to Stevens Mill Road.

Latest News and Updates

This project is in the preliminary planning phase as of the summer of 2018. NCDOT's current schedule anticipates planning and design lasting through 2019, right-of-way acquisition in 2020, and construction beginning 2022. The Towns of Mint Hill, Matthews, and Stallings are working with NCDOT staff to ensure the interests of all towns are cared for in the planning and design process.

Meck County Park and Rec


These are projects funded by, planned, designed, and constructed by Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation. Unless otherwise noted, the Town of Mint Hill is not funding any of these projects. Town staff is coordinating with the County on each project to ensure the needs of the town are addressed.

For more information about these projects, please contact Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation.
CLICK HERE for their website.
Call them at 980-314-1000

Project Summary

The Stevens Creek Nature Preserve will be a passive recreation feature that highlights the natural beauty of undeveloped land in the County. The park will serve southeast Mecklenburg COunty, and the Towns of Mint HIll and Matthews.

Stevens Creek NP; click image for larger

The project includes a nature learning facility with displays and classrooms for learning about the County's unique environments, outdoor learning spaces, walking trails, and a parking lot.

Latest News and Updates

This project has begun construction as of spring 2018. The project is working in conjunction with two other entities: Mecklenburg County Stormwater Services for a stream restoration project; and Charlotte Water for a regional sewer upgrade.

For updates on this project, please contact the Meck County project manager, Alicia Rocco at 980-314-2501.

Project Summary

The Ezell Farm Community Park is planned to be a passive recreational facility that focuses on farming and community gardening. The site is planned to feature a farmer's market, a community center, a playground, an outdoor amphitheater, community gardens, and nature trails.

Ezell Farm Community Park plan; click image for larger

Latest News and Updates

A construction schedule for this park is not yet known.

Project Summary

This project is intended to be a regional park to serve eastern Mecklenburg County and Mint Hill. THe type of park is not yet known.

Latest News and Updates

A planning and construction schedule is not yet known for this park.


These projects are major Charlotte Water water and/or sewer capital improvement projects.

For questions or more information on these projects, please contact Charlotte Water
on the web at
or by phone at 704-336-7600

Project Summary

This is a series of sewer line projects that serve the greater Stevens Creek watershed area by means of force main (pressurized sewage line), gravity main, and a lift station (sewer pump station).

Latest News and Updates

This work is in various stages of planning, design, permitting, and construction. For the latest news, please refer to the Charlotte Water project website:

Project Summary

This is a sewer project that will replace some existing lines and add relief to other existing lines, ultimately bringing more sewer capacity to the area.

Latest News and Updates

For the latest info on this project, please visit the Charlotte Water project website: