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The Public Works Department is responsible for keeping the Town's infrastructure (such as roads, drainage pipes, buildings, parks, etc.) in working order for daily public use. The Department is comprised of Town staff who each bring a diverse background of experience that is centered around construction work of all sizes and types. While the Department has several routine responsibilities that may be listed in summary, the full breadth of work that the Department performs for the Town is nearly impossible to completely and accurately list. From routine tree and shrub trimming in Town right-of-way, to emergency tree cutting and removal from the roadway; or from installing the Town's roadside Christmas decorations, preparing for an upcoming special event, or responding to winter weather on our roads, this relatively small department keeps the Town running behind the scenes.

Public Works Department Responsibilities

  • Maintenance and repair of Town-owned streets, including coordination of yearly resurfacing
  • Maintenance, repair, and minor installation of sidewalks and crosswalks
  • Stormwater (drainage) system repairs
  • Town buildings and grounds maintenance (Town Hall, Mint Hill PD headquarters)
  • Town parks (Wilgrove Park and Veterans Memorial Park) including grounds and turf maintenance, landscaping, playground equipment maintenance, and facilities repairs

In addition to those main responsibilities, the Department also performs the majority of their own fabrication and repairs of equipment, including:

  • Department vehicles and equipment maintenance and minor repair
  • Department heavy equipment maintenance and repair
  • Miscellaneous part fabrication (typically including metal working)

Lastly, the Public Works Department is also tasked with representing the Town in land development activities within the Town limits and ETJ (Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction, or simply the area that is presently unincorporated Mecklenburg County, but will one day likely be annexed into Mint Hill). The Town partners with Mecklenburg County who acts as the point of contact for new development in all six non-Charlotte towns in Mecklenburg County. This partnership provides the towns with permitting review and inspection staff and resources that would otherwise be difficult for each municipality to economically provide for themselves. Since new development infrastructure (that is: roads, sidewalks, drainage pipes and ditches, etc.) typically become the responsibility of the Town to maintain after the development is complete, the Public Works Department takes an active role in inspecting new infrastructure and ensuring it not only meets minimum standards, but will not burden the Town with excessive maintenance and/or premature replacement costs. This up-front investment of staff time will undoubtedly save the Town millions of dollars over the decades of infrastructure life.

The staff of the Public Works Department takes great pride in providing the residents of Mint Hill with the most "bang for their tax buck." Years of resourceful stewardship of public funds has forged a Department that can do more with less while maintaining a level of service that is hard to beat in North Carolina.

Current Town Projects

Please click here to see all current active Town projects.

Have you noticed a streetlight outage?

First, note the address nearest to the streetlight outage. If there is a hazardous condition present (such as a pole or wire down), please dial 9-1-1 immediately. If there is no hazardous condition, contact either Duke Energy or Union Power Cooperative:

  • For Duke Energy streetlights (poles marked with some form of "Duke Energy" or "Duke Power" such as: DP, DPCO, or other abbreviation), either call 1-800-POWERON (1-800-769-3766) or use Duke Energy's interactive map and reporting system: 
  • For Union Power Cooperative streetlights (poles marked with some form of "Union Power Cooperative" such as: UP, UPC, or other abbreviation), please call 1-800-794-4423.

If you're unsure about which company to call, start with Duke Energy since they own a larger percentage of the streetlights in Mint Hill. Also, their automated reporting website allows you to receive updates regarding your request. If it turns out that the pole is not Duke Energy's, they will notify you so that you may then contact Union Power.

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